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11.18.11 – Moe’s Original BBQ, Lakeview District

The first stop for The Birmingham Lunch Club (BLC) was a chain, but one at which three founding members of BLC had not yet dined. Not to be confused with its Southwest cousin, Moe’s offers fare typical of other BBQ chains. Many of those competing chains are based in Birmingham: Jim and Nick’s, Full Moon, Dreamland, Golden Rule.

BME: I am the bro who had been here before, and this recommendation was mine. I recommended the “Bama Style” sandwich to these bros: a pork sandwich with slaw and a pickle covered in a combination of white and red sauce. I chose the potato salad and macaroni and cheese for sides. The sandwich is a delight, a very unique, bold flavor that I’ve never had before and can not be matched. It is likely my favorite BBQ pork sandwich in Birmingham. I’m not sure if they offer a “Bama Style” sandwich at the Colorado locations, but if they don’t, those ski bros are missing out. The potato salad is more of a “whipped” potato salad: top shelf, despite my typical preference to a more traditional potato salad. The macaroni and cheese is a homemade delight: not overly cheesy, more noodly, really. I liked the atmosphere and the music. Lots of bros. Overall: 4 out of 5 bros.

GRT: I had a delicious BBQ Turkey sandwich with Baked beans and Banana Pudding. The sandwich was excellent, as was the pudding. The beans were subpar, especially compared to other Birmingham BBQ places. The place played sweet jams and had a great atmosphere for bros being bros. Service was timely and the cost was reasonable. Overall: 4 out of 5 Bros.

JPT: Somehow I had never ate at Moe’s BBQ before Friday. I was leery of Blake’s choice when I walked in and saw numerous Widespread Panic posters on the wall. But I had come around by the time they started cranking The Band’s “The Last Waltz”. After waiting through a somewhat long and slow moving line I went with Blake’s recommendation of the pork sandwich – “Alabama style”. It’s a normal pork sandwich with white and red sauces – separate but equal. It came with two sides and I got the squash casserole and the mac and cheese. The squash casserole was shitty but the rest of the meal was excellent. Some bro brought out our food while singing “Helpless” along with Neil and The Band. It was a nice touch. The crowd at Moe’s on a Friday afternoon was dominated by bros in sports coats. I, unfortunately, was one of them. Overall: 4 out of 5 Bros.

BRH: Moe’s BBQ was a place I had heard of several years ago. However, the only time I ever ate it was when they brought free food to my office to better market themselves. This time, I could actually choose my meal. Being a fan of democracy and smoked meats (insert joke here), I promptly stepped up and ordered… the same thing the bros in front of me told me to order. I went with the “Bama Style” sandwich. I was skeptical at first as my only previous experience with “Bama Style” involved a blindfold, pecan log and regret; however, this meal was more delicious and certainly less shameful. The white sauce (again, insert joke here) was a unique addition to what would otherwise be a pedestrian BBQ sandwich. The potato salad and squash casserole were a terrific complement as both were fresh and appeared to be homemade. The atmosphere reminded me a lot of Momma Goldberg’s in Auburn, complete with 100% authentic hipster servers (one even stopped to point out how cool he really thought GRT was) and “deep cuts” of classic and indie rock. It was too expensive for me and the other customers were real bros who didn’t seem to get “it.” But can you really put a price on eating with your best bros? I say no. If you enjoy white sauce, Neil Young and perfectly coiffed Southern hair, Moe’s is for you. Overall: 3 out of 5 bros