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11.23.11 – Pinches Tacos, Homewood

Pinches Tacos is a relatively new restaurant in Homewood, though it is nearing its first anniversary. No one among the BLC had previously dined at Pinches. But everyone among the BLC likes tacos. Pinches is in the tradition of a Moe’s/Salsarita’s/Chipotle type of restaurant, but the menu seems much more traditional to authentic Mexican food. It was our second stop for the BLC.

GRT: The food was very good for what it was (simple burrito). I had a pinche burrito. It was very tasty and authentic Mexican food. However, there wasn’t enough food for a growing lad like myself included in the $8 meal I got. Beans and rice on the side would have been nice. The atmosphere was decent. We could have used some more seclusion and privacy to allow for bros to be bros properly. The owner bro did have fancy gold shoes and offered good conversation while in line. The music featured many Latin based tuba solos, but not hot jams. Overall: 3 out of 5 bros.

BME: I had a carne asada quesadilla, and it was an absolute delight. Now, I would have liked some rice or beans on the side. It was $10 + for a quesadilla and a drink. A minimal amount of guacamole came on the side, but it was a very good addition to the quesadilla. I would have enjoyed more separation between tables, too. It was a little cramped. The main dish was fantastic, but the little things could have made this experience a bit better. Overall: 3.5 out of 5 bros.

JPT: I chose this place based on my need for a good taco place now that Camp Taco closed down. Only after I chose it did Greg tip me off on the NSFW phrase Pinches Tacos translates to. We arrived after some difficulty finding a parking place. Thank goodness three of us are environmentally conscious and carpooled. I was the only one of the four that ordered tacos at Pinches Tacos. I ordered first, but my Pollo Mole and Al Pastor tacos came out third. I did not like that! The Al Pastor taco I ate first was very good. I liked that. I went to refill my Coke Classic and the machine was completely out of syrup. I had to settle for a Mr. Pibb. I did not like that!! By the time I went for the Pollo Mole taco the tortilla shell had busted due to the saturation of the mole sauce. I did not like that!! I had to eat my second taco with a fork. I did not like that!!! If I go back, it will probably be on Margarita Monday. Overall: 2 out of 5 bros.

BRH: Pinches Tacos was a restaurant I had never heard of. After reviewing their website and seeing the only other locations were in the Hollywood/Los Angeles area, I figured I should study up on so I could properly pronounce the items on the menu although I would not have any idea what they were. I arrived early and made a solid three laps around the block. Parking was a real pinch. I chose to ignore the valet and after finding a spot near the police station, I wandered up to to the door. My first observation was the bright colors. It was a friendly atmosphere. However, the lack of tables was a concern for someone who was charged with the task of “holding” a table. This restaurant looks to be for couples as tables more than two-deep are sparse. The menu was written in chalk and quite small, but having been a veteran of several Food Network “Chopped” marathons, I knew what I was reading. I went with the Al Pastor burrito. It was tender and quite flavorful. The rice and beans were not too heavy and the guacamole did a terrific job of balancing the salsa. Also included were chips and a homemade salsa with cilantro. This was a fresh complement and helped tone down the spice. It was moderately priced and nowhere near as smug as I thought. A wonderful choice. Overall: 4 out of 5 bros.