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The Birmingham Lunch Club unofficially became the Birmingham Brunch Club for this week as we visited breakfast and lunch diner Over Easy in Mountain Brook. (Here’s the menu)

Over Easy in the summer (stolen from some other blog)Brad: “Brunch” is a term I don’t throw around often. In fact, until this review, I don’t think I have ever “brunched.” I have eaten a bowl of Lucky Charms in the afternoon after a long night; but that’s not stuffy enough to be considered true “brunch.” Whatever you call it, it’s all a matter of timing. Blake wanted to eat a late breakfast/early lunch this week at Over Easy, located off Hollywood Boulevard. This worked well because I had a true “lunch” meeting – and this was a good thing. Upon entering, the server noticed our coats were taking up some a lot of booth space. Though this is a casual setting, she took them from us. Granted she merely placed them on another booth; but still, it was a wonderful gesture. After that there was no turning back – this wasn’t IHOP at 2 AM; we were indeed BRUNCHING. I was the only one who chose the lunch route and went with the Chicken Caprese sandwich on sourdough. Tomato, mozzarella and basil pesto chicken; chips; and a fresh fruit bowl. Perfection. The sandwich was one of the best I have ever eaten. A true delight that was just as delicious as it sounds. The fruit was fresh and crisp. No mushy berries here. The price was right and I came in under $10. This trip was my favorite of the BLC (BBC, perhaps?) and I will certainly return. I wish everyone could enjoy every meal like I enjoyed mine. Though I can’t speak for breakfast, the lunch earned a solid 5 bros. Perfection! OVERALL: 5 out of 5 bros

Greg: I was looking forward to the first breakfast gathering of the BLC. I never really get a chance to eat breakfast, but I love the food. The restaurant was very new and clean. The decorations and seating were modern, yet warm and inviting. After finding a seat away from the front door and brutal cold coming in from the outside, we were settled in for a nice meal. As BRH described, the waitress took our coats without prompting. Very nice, but I should have kept it as it got quite chilly. Our meal arrived in about 15 minutes. I got Huevos Rancheros and a side of cheese grits. The grits were made with blue corn and were out of this world. Good texture and flavor, a real treasure. The main dish was middle of the road for some reason. I was expecting bolder flavors, but the chorizo just didn’t cut it. It tasted more liked a chicken and cheese quesadilla. The ingredients used were fresh, the taste was just a tad bland. Overall, there were many good qualities about the restaurant. I ended up spending $11, for the record. I hope we have more brunch opportunities with the BLC. Overall:3.5 out of 5 bros

Joey: I was a waiter during high school and college, so I tend to expect a lot out of my servers when I go out to eat. Some may call it “being a dick”, but at least I always tip well. I’m a very light eater, so good service is nearly as important to me as good food is. The service at Over Easy was the best I’ve experienced during this BLC adventure. Our server, who’s name I hate not remembering, was helpful, informative, and fast. The place itself was like an upscale Waffle House, which is genius and I wish I had thought of it. The design and decoration are reminiscent of a Waffle House, if a Waffle House had been cleaned in the past 20 years. (Check out the yellow and black sign above.)  I had the Huevos rancheros, which is not something I could order at 3AM in a Waffle House, but pretty damn close to something that’s scattered or smothered. I really liked this place and the excellent service that was provided, I only wish I had opened one first. Overall: 5 out of 5 bros

Blake: I wanted to go off the board. We had enjoyed sandwiches, pizza, burgers – and I had similar ideas. But in the spirit of what we’re trying to do here, I chose something a bit more ecletic. I had heard nearly unanimous reviews about Over Easy, but had yet to try it. And the timing did work out very well, as we were dining a bit earlier than normal – a time that allowed us to beat a lunch crowd at Mexico Lindo next door that required valet parking. The service was extremely friendly, as noted by Brad. Our waitress even mistakenly brought us an extra cup of coffee, which I ended up drinking. I had the Arriba, an omelette (pictured above) recommended to me by a good friend. Chorizo was inside this masterpiece, so I knew I couldn’t go wrong. It had some peppers and other stuff – I dunno. But the chorizo was bold, and it was topped with a french sour cream thing that I can’t pronounce. Equally bold. There was also a nice collection of salsas on the table, and I added the verde for a little kick. Perfect. The one detractor of the place that I spoke to prior had problems with the omelette, but loved the hash browns. It was the exact opposite for me. I put the hottest hot sauce on the hash browns, but it didn’t fix that they were a little over cooked and too crunchy for my taste. They were good, but we’re in the lucrative business of reviewing, not giving perfect grades for effort. I ended it all with my desert of breakfasts – a nice buttered biscuit. Also, perfect. I really loved this place – a versatile menu, terrific service and amazing food at a very good price. And I left not wanting to eat again for a while. It pains me to deduct from an otherwise perfect score, but I can’t give away 5 bros to just everyone, and the hash browns were only “okay.” Otherwise, perfection – and I’ll be back a lot. Overall: 4.5 out of 5 bros.