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Three of the bros traveled over to Rojo on Highland Ave on a rainy Friday afternoon. Named by Esquire as one of the best bars in America, we tried out their lunch menu.

Joey: I first heard about Rojo from my good friend Bob Dylan, but had only gone there for drinks. I was excited to drag my friends to yet another taco place, but was happy that Rojo’s unique bi-cultural menu offered them the choice of American items. After ordering a steak burrito from the cashier at the bar, I filled my own cup with Coke. The Coke was flat!!! I dumped the Coke out and poured myself some sweet tea. This was my only complaint with what was otherwise a great meal. I’m a notoriously light eater, but easily finished Rojo’s large steak burrito. It was that good! It might have the been the first meal on this BLC adventure that I finished completely.

Another customer at Rojo said hey to me while I was sitting down. I forgot their name and it made for a very awkward exchange. If I’m going to make embarassing social miscues every time I go to Rojo, then I probably won’t be going back. If they can fix the Coke machine and I learn how to remember people’s name, I will definitely be going back. Overall: 4.5 out of 5 bros

Greg: As predicted, Joey picked another taco place. Luckily, this one had other options, as my work toilet has been acting up lately. Rojo is tucked away in a residential area near Highland Park. The area is very nice and serves to some of Birmingham’s finest. I had never been to Rojo, but heard good things. As I was looking over the menu, the lady behind the counter suggested he chicken salad sandwich. As noted in previous reviews, I like chicken salad. This version was strong with basil. It was served with steak fries, which is always a plus. The food came out in around 8 minutes, average for a BLC stop. The fries were hot and the sandwich cold, just the way I like it. The basil was a tad overpowering, but overall had a good taste. I would return to Rojo. Overall: 4 out of 5 Bros

Blake: I received a gift card to Rojo for Christmas, but on the premonition I would like it, I decided it would be best to save the card for a “date night” somewhere down the road. Boy was I right! Rojo’s American fare, though not what came recommended to me, is a delightful romp. I enjoyed a blackened tilapia sandwich with a side of black beans. Black beans as a side dish? Now you’re talking my language. I use black beans as a topping, often, on quesadillas and burritos. This was a nice touch. The sandwich was served with a nice chipotle sauce which really complemented the tilapia. My Mello Yello was flat, but I didn’t bother to exchange drinks, and I won’t knock off for my own decision. While the menu is eclectic and the atmosphere is slightly upscale, you are not waited on here. You order at the bar, your food is brought to your table, but you take care of your own drinks, etc. I was suckered into tipping when I paid at the bar for that. That would be my top advice to someone coming here for the first time: a tip seems unnecessary to me if I am not being “waited on.” Otherwise, I highly recommend Rojo for lunch or even a very reasonably priced date. I’m sure drinks can get expensive, but there was none of that funny business going on during Birmingham Lunch Club. I got out at $12, which included my unnecessary tip. Overall: 4 out of 5 Bros