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The Birmingham Lunch Club went with a reader suggestion and visited Mr. P’s Deli in Bluff Park. (Please leave your suggestion in the box to the right→) Brad couldn’t make it, but the other three bros carried on to the top of Shades Mountain.

Greg: This week’s BLC meeting took us to Mr. P’s Deli. This restaurant has been around since I was a young lad and I have never had a chance to eat there. I have driven by hundreds of times and always wondered what was inside this Bluff Park landmark. We were a man down due to some work obligations for Brad. The menu of sandwiches was quite extensive and I was unsure of what to get. I settled on the John Boy’s sandwich, which featured a ½ pound of Cajun Turkey, bacon, cheese, and a sweet BBQ sauce. The wait was about 10 minutes for food to arrive, but this seemed fair as the place was pretty busy. I complimented the sandwich with Sweet Heat chips and a drink. My only complaint was that only Pepsi products were served. The sandwich was massive and tasted great. The spice of the turkey was offset by the sweet sauce making a delicious combination. I felt the size of the sandwich was very generous. I walked out the door spending right at $10. I will be returning to Mr. P’s to try some of the other offerings on the menu. Overall: 4.5 out of 5 Bros


Pros: great Italian sausage, great bread, Zapps Cajun Dill potato chips (the best potato chips in the world!), very friendly staff, nice old person deli feel, they corrected their overcharge…

Cons: PEPSI PRODUCTS!!WTF!>!>!???, they forgot Blake’s pickle, parking was an adventure, location is inconvenient for my lunch breaks, no peppers and onions on a otherwise great Italian sausage sandwich, they overcharged me $1 on the ticket, the checkout line was slow. Overall: 4 out of 5 Bros

Blake: On Friday, we went with a fan submission. The most popular of fan submissions yet received, Mr. P’s Deli in Bluff Park was a little bit of a hike for everyone involved. “It’s worth it,” they’d say. They were sort of right. The older building doubles as a butcher shop and, apparently, a novelty food gift shop. A gift box prepared with Coach Nick Saban Sauce, Miss Terry’s BBQ Rub and a compact disc containing the song Coach Nick Saban could make the one you love smile for just $23. And you can’t put a price on that kind of love.
Blake's Sandwich with  no pickle
I ordered an Italian Sausage sandwich (pictured above), which, as luck would have it, had Italian Sausages on it. I like Italian Sausages. Also, I like smoked sausage, link sausage, patty sausage – pretty much any sausage, really. Just ground beef called “sausage” works for me. I had some potato chips on the side and a Diet Pepsi, as their machine had no Coke. They forgot to bring my pickle, but Greg conceded he wasn’t going to eat his pickle. That’s when I took Greg’s pickle. I ate it. Joey wanted to start beef with the waiter gentleman over the whole pickle debacle, but I calmly took control of the situation, “It’s just fine,” I said aloud to the hard-working gent, “I can eat his pickle.” They also tried to overcharge Joey and I $1 when they brought the checks, but the lady at the front counter politely corrected the error. The food? Out of this world. Amazing sandwich. Highly recommended if you like sausage, bread and secret sauces. I left filled up at about $10 – fine by me. It’s quite a hike, but I’ll go again when I’m in that area. There are a lot of great sandwiches closer to where I live, so I’m not sure I’d make a special  drive for it again. But if you live on that side of town, it gets my seal of approval. Overall: 3.5 out of 5 bros

COMPOSITE BRO SCORE: 4 out of 5 Bros