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We continued Joey’s quest to eat every taco in Birmingham at ¡Cantina!. We visited the Pepper Place location nestled into a remodeled warehouse in the Lakeview neighborhood.

Greg: The latest BLC selection was out of left field as Joey picked a taco restaurant. Cantina is a trendy establishment in the Pepper Place market area. I was able to secure a close parking spot and make it on time. As I looked over the menu I admired the nice décor. A very spacious dining room was occupied by many options for seating, both in a dining and casual atmosphere. We sat outside on the large patio. I ordered 2 tacos (pork and chicken) and a side of garlic mashed potatoes. The food took about 10 minutes to arrive. The tacos were decent but the potatoes were very good. The garlic was strong, but I like them that way. Makes them bold. I got some Screamin’ Gringo hot sauce for my tacos, this helped the flavor tremendously. Overall, this was a nice experience and I would definitely come back in the spring time to sit on the patio and hang out after work. The food didn’t do anything to set itself apart from some of the other taco places we have eaten at. Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 Bros.

Blake: Joey likes overpriced tacos and paying for chips. And I was prepared for my review this week to end there. Because it’s true, and he picks a lot of taco places they never leave me satisfied. (Editor’s note: I will pick Taco Bell next time.)

But I knew that. So I made a pro move and went off the board – I ordered a Cuban sandwich with garlic fries and a water. The pork on the Cuban was cut really thick, but it was fantastic. Topped with pickles and a little Cholula, it was really great. It wasn’t a Cuban as good as, say, Kool Korner, but I haven’t had many Cubans better. The garlic fries were really great – top shelf, even. I would say this is the “signature dish,” something I’ve never had before anywhere else. I’ve had tacos here before, and while they were very good, I just wanted to prevent disappointment.

We dined outside, and I typically hate that. But it was very nice out and there was no wind. It was relatively shady on their patio. No complaints. Overall: 3.5 out of 5 bros

Joey: It is true that I do enjoy “overpriced” tacos and having the option of paying for chips, so I had ventured to ¡Cantina! before. But on this visit, I was in the midst of a terrible cold and hoped that dining on some tortilla soup al fresco might help in the recovery. The person who brought out our food (no wait service, just a runner) was kind enough to spill a portion of my soup on her dining tray. She offered to bring out the equivalent portion to the spilled soup, but I passed on the chance to get a tiny bowl of soup. The soup that was left in the bowl was very good with large chunks of chicken in a tomato broth. I had a side of garlic fries as well, but they were not settling too well in my upset stomach so I let Greg finish them. I would normally recommend the garlic fries unless you have a date that month. My favorite part of the meal was ¡Cantina!’s mint sweet tea. I’m not usually a fan of mint in my tea, but it tasted great in the midst of my sickness.

I would highly recommend heading over to ¡Cantina! if you are sick because it was the best thing I ate during my sickness. If you aren’t sick, ¡Cantina! is a great location to have a business lunch or meet some friends for al fresco dining. For a location close to downtown, there is ample parking. The food was a little overpriced and the ordering system was unnecessarily slow but those are fixable. Overall: 3.5 out of 5 bros