This week, we visited the New China Buffet, a large buffet style restaurant in Crestwood.

Blake: New China III is kind of like Back to the Future III – it’s in a giant barn, so you have a real, westerny kind of feel, it left me satisfied, though I’m sure there are better versions, and I’ll stop by again when I’m in the area. This is the king of buffets, which is going to make it polarizing. If you hate buffets, nothing about New China III is going to magically make you change your mind. If you love them, it should be your first stop in Birmingham. We got out around $8 each, and the selection was amazing: the highlights being a sushi bar and 20 flavors of honest to goodness ice cream (not soft serve). I was happy to introduce Greg to the Lo mein, and the array of flavored chickens was luke warm and super tasty. I didn’t have a salad, because I’m a fat guy, but it looked like something you might like if you don’t like maximizing the potential of an all you can eat buffet. They had one row of American foods, which was bizarre, complete with pizza, wings, Mac and cheese, etc. I didn’t try that. I stuck to authentic Chinese dishes like sushi. I’ll go back here, alone, more times than I’m comfortable admitting. OVERALL RATING 3.5 out of 5 BROS

Greg:I selected New China Buffet for this week’s selection. My boss had taken me there a few weeks back and I enjoyed it. This buffet it located in Crestwood and has the appearance of a big barn, perfect for the feeding that will take place. When I visit a buffet, I go to get full. I didn’t each breakfast that day and the plan was to eat enough to not have to eat dinner. This buffet caters to everyone. There was pizza, french fries, and burritos in addition to your classic Asian dishes. I enjoyed multiple trips to the buffet enjoying General Tso’s chicken, sesame chicken, and lo mein. These tasted like they do in any other chinese restaurant. My only complaint is that the serving temperature wasn’t always piping hot. Also, when I made my way back up for Round 2 of the feeding, some of the dishes weren’t available and I had to wait a few minutes. Not a huge deal, but at the buffet you need to keep those popular dishes coming out hot and timely. After enjoying this healthy meal, I decided I needed to partake of the ice cream. They had huge containers of Blue Bell ice cream, I counted 20 of them. After making pleasant conversation with some of the locals while I waited in line, I decided on cookies and cream and a small slice of cake. These were both top notch and really capped the meal off nicely. The meal came out to be under $9 after tip. After eating enough food to feed a third world country family for a year, I thought it was a pretty good deal. Was it the best food in Birmingham? Not really. Compared to other Chinese buffets in Birmingham, it was a cut above. Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Bros

Brad: New China Buffet is exactly that… except it is not new. How do you review a Chinese buffet? Anyone who has ever eaten a Chinese buffet knows it’s usually a good value, and this helps you forget about the subpar quality of the food you are shoveling into your gullet. New China Buffet was filled with a lot of folks who, in all honesty, should have leaned toward the salad bar. Navigating the sea of MSG amongst giant oafs was a bit of a frustration; but this is not a commentary on how disgustingly fat we are as a nation. This is a review of food. This location is located off of Crestwood Boulevard, but you can get the same thing pretty much at any Chinese Buffet. The food was unspectacular. They had a sushi bar, which I thought was unique. But it had been sitting for a while. The ice cream bar was a nice touch, and the mint chocolate chip ice cream was a nice, clean way to finish my meal. Unfortunately, low-grade cuts of meat smothered in Tempura batter can be grabbed nearly anywhere, and this buffet did nothing to separate itself from any other Chinese buffet. Great price, average food, wide clientele. OVERALL RATING: 2 out of 5 BROS

Joey: It’s appropriate that the outside of this restaurant looks like a barn because their customers are the size of cows and they feed at a trough. I arrived a bit late and quickly threw a bunch of random crap on my plate. Not random Chinese crap, but random food crap like hot wings, sushi and some type of tortilla rollup thing. New China Buffet has 6 stations of food set up for people to gorge themselves on. I actually enjoyed a traditional Chinese dish – sweet and sour chicken. My brother recently traveled to China and he tells me you can’t get a sauce that thick or sweet over there so I’ll stick with what we have here. But for the most part, the dishes tasted like leftover microwaved Chinese food.  But I did do damage to the dessert bar, helping myself to cookies, cake and a traditional Chinese serving of banana pudding. I would say this is a good place to eat if you haven’t ate for a week or are planning to not eat for a week. Buffets are not my favorite place to eat and this one didn’t do anything to change my thoughts on that. OVERALL RATING: 2.5 out of 5 BROS