The first BLC meeting of June took place at the popular Mountain Brook location of chain restaurant, Nothing But Noodles. Brad made the selection this week. Joey was unable to join us due to work obligations.

Greg: Prior to this week, I had never eaten at Nothing But Noodles. I understood the concept, but never really had an itching to go there. We ate at 1pm and avoided the lunch rush. I had looked over the menu online, so I had a rough idea what I was going to get. I settled on the Spicy Chipotle Pasta, with chicken. There was a spacious dining area inside with plenty of available seating, but we chose to eat outside (a BLC rarity). The weather was fantastic, as was the company. I got a water to drink and came out right under $10. We didn’t wait very long for our food, I’d say just under 10 minutes. I guess you can pull that off when you are nothing but noodles. My dish had lots of peppers and onions and a creamy alfredo sauce. It was advertised as spicy, but it wasn’t very spicy. I am struggling to come up with much more to say about the food and the place and I guess that’s the gist of the place. It was good and I enjoyed my dish. It was timely and affordable. I wouldn’t put it quite into the memorable category, but I certainly had no complaints. Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Bros

Brad: Nothing but Noodles was my selection this week. I am a fan of pasta, and had been wanting to try this place for some time. As I do not subscribe to consuming conspicuously, I generally avoid the Mountain Brook area, but the BLC was a perfect opportunity to give it a whirl. I parked amongst the Lexi and Audis emblazoned with Greek letters, and was lucky to find a spot within 100 yards of the restaurant. It was a perfect day, so I didn’t mind walking. I went with the Pasta Pomodoro and added meatballs and breadsticks for an additional $3.18. With a beverage, the total came to $12.27. A bit steep for BLC, but if I was going to eat one of my favorite foods, damnit, I was going to make sure it was by my standards – complete with meat and bread. When it arrived relatively quickly to our table, it did not disappoint. The pasta was perfectly al dente. The sauce was creamy and not overbearing. The meatballs were about the size of ping pong balls, a perfect size, and did not include overwhelming herbs – something that has ruined a great meatball in the past. The meal was incredible. It hit the spot in every way and quickly helped me forget about the price and the pair of twats that clotted the drink station with their audible bitching (cliche, yes; but it was real). Before I finish my review, I must point out that if you are a tea drinker, you must visit Nothing But Noodles. They had several varieties. While I didn’t notice the generic “sweet tea,” these options are just as good and are supposedly better for you. Try the black tea with lemon. It was very refreshing. All in all, a wonderful stop and I am proud to have selected it. Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Bros

Blake: I think Nothing but Noodles is a chain, but I’m not sure. There’s only one in Birmingham, though, I think. I think. In any case, the day we went was perfect. So perfect, in fact, that I opted to dine outside. I hate dining outside. Conditions have to be pretty perfect for me to voluntarily choose to do so. I’ve long been a fan of the place, but I don’t get there often. I’ve had better dishes than the one I chose on this trip – it was the Cajun Pasta or something like that. But I got a side of the cheese stuffed bread things, which is basically like stuffed crust pizza without the pizza. Delish.

Nothing but Noodles has lots of flavored teas, if you’re into that. They also have that weird hot sauce that’s at most Asian places with the rooster on the side. I like that. The service was extremely fast, so fast that we had about 40 minutes of just sitting around and telling tales after completing our meal. I’d recommend the fettuccine or the lobster ravioli rather than my choice on this stop, but the service was superior (perhaps accentuated by the awful service we had on our previous stop), the meal was above average and the price wasn’t terrible. The price would have been a lot better if I hadn’t upped the ante and got those cheese bread dealies and a soda. I’ve been before, and I’ll go again. Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 Bros