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The BLC bros went over to Central Ave in Homewood to grab some food from the Shindigs Catering Company‘s food truck. The truck takes advantage of its mobility and parks in a different location throughout Birmingham each weekday.  This Friday it was parked on the curb very close to past BLC stop Little Donkey, Shindigs offers a fresh, seasonal menu out of the side of a truck.

Joey:I was excited that Blake chose Shindigs for this week’s BLC, but I was less than excited when I noticed that the temperature would be in the upper 90s. We found the truck parked on Central Ave in Homewood, (it’s standard Friday location) just a block from past BLC stop, Little Donkey. Thankfully, eating at a food truck doesn’t have the reliance on a server like we would have at a sit down restaurants. I found easy curbside parking directly across the street from the truck and quickly placed my ordered with the very attractive, though injured and seemingly in a lot of pain, woman who was taking orders. I ordered the Swinage a Trois which was not a lesser Primus album but actually a sandwich with three types of pork. (Pattied, pulled, and bacon w/ cheese, slaw, and a peach BBQ sauce. WOW!)  The sandwich and tea came out to an even $10, which was very reasonable for the high quality sandwich that came. Thankfully Shindigs had set up 2 picnic tables for their customers, which we took advantage of. I really enjoyed the sandwich and if I was lucky enough to work near one of Shindigs daily stops I would definitely be back to try new items. Despite the heat, enjoying the triple pork sandwich was one of the better lunch experiences I’ve had with the BLC. I would have given them 5 stars, but I do have to take off for not having Coke products. OVERALL RATING 4.5 out of 5 Bros

Blake: It was a little bit of pandering. If Greg had been able to attend, I would have been more likely to choose a big boy lunch, but he wasn’t. And I have always been very curious about Shindigs, despite my typical dismissal of everything “dainty.” So the timing proved perfect in allowing me a window to make this selection when I normally wouldn’t – it proved miserable in the timing of it being one of the hottest days of 2012.

In any case, it’s not Shindigs fault that their typical Friday setup in Homewood was parked between the sun and Little Donkey on this June day. I ordered the crispy catfish steamed bun, two of them to be exact, with a side of truffle chips and a water. The catfish “sandwiches,” if you want to call them that, are about the size of a slider. They were served with a slaw called “Spicy Selma Slaw,” and I think kimchi, cilantro and pickled vegetables, although I couldn’t distinguish what of that was what because I don’t typically eat that fare. But let me say, it was a delight. And the truffle chips were terrific, served with some kind of sauce that I can only compare to a Zax Sauce. The service was fairly quick, especially considering how hot the lady taking orders must have been. We arrived on the back end of their day, so they were quick to wrap us up and get their tables out of there, which made it about a half hour stop. I got out at exactly $10. I kind of wish I had tried the pork explosion thing Joey got, but I was very happy with my selection and I will definitely go back. I also believe this menu to be seasonal, ensuring very unique items year round. Absolutely worth following them on Facebook and/or Twitter to find out if they are in your neighborhood each day. Overall rating 4 out of 5 bros


Brad: The food truck’s popularity has grown in recent years. It seems counter-intuitive to think that in a time where gas is so high and we are all apparently financially strapped that the food truck would enjoy its greatest success to date. However, it remains to be seen which side of the “fad” line food trucks will fall on. I was curious to eat at Shindigs (we found it off Central Ave. in Homewood) to check it out in person.
I ordered a Deliziosa – a salmon sandwich with truffle chips and a tea. It cost me $12 – a bit steep for a meal I tend to eat daily (see Publix review). The salmon tasted fresh, but was overall rather bland on its bed of greens. The truffle chips were nothing more than home chips and did little, if anything, to complement my meal (the tea was bottled.) The wait wasn’t too bad and the young lady who took my order was very kind. However, and perhaps I just ordered the wrong item, I failed to come away impressed.
While the concept of a truck driving to a different spot each day to serve fresh food is somewhat intriguing, this particular time, the food was not worth the price, let alone the Where’s Waldo game to find out where it was parked. If you and your friends are up for a bit of an adventure at lunch and want to try something new, why not? But if you are looking for a filling meal at a good price that will leave you satisfied, you’re better off going to most anywhere else. Overall score: 2.5 bros