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Gilchrist Drug in Mountain Brook, AL is an old fashioned soda fountain serving up sandwiches and chips to its loyal customers daily. Its so old fashioned it doesn’t even have a website. Nestled in the heart of Mountain Brook Village, Gilchirst isn’t too easy to find, but the bros of the BLC managed anyways.

Greg: As longtime readers of the blog know, I am a big fan of a tasty chicken salad sandwich. I have combed Birmingham looking for the best one in town. Gilchrist was mentioned by a friend as having excellent chicken salad, so when Blake made this pick, I looked forward to giving it a try. Parking was easy and Joey had arrived early to secure us a seat. I ordered a chicken salad sandwich on wheat and got some Sweet Hear BBQ chips and a water. The food came quickly and the waitress was nice. Following the theme from last week, the sandwich was quite small.  The sandwich did not have special ingredients outside of what you would find in basic chicken salad and also lacked spice and flavor. Just your standard boiled chicken with mayo. Maybe some celery. The chicken was cut very small, minced is the term (I think). Can I tell you about the sweet heat chips tho? Fantastic. Coach Bryant would have been proud. The meal (with cookie included) got me out the door around $7 after tip. Not too shabby at all for a lunch in Mountain Brook. While the location was nice and I like the old timey drugstore feel (think It’s a Wonderful Life without the poison) I don’t think I will be returning here anytime soon for chicken salad. OVERALL RATING: 2 out of 5 BROS


Blake's Hot Beef and Joey's Pimento Cheese BLT at Gilchrist Drug

Blake’s Hot Beef and Joey’s Pimento Cheese BLT at Gilchrist Drug

JOEY : Gilchrist Drug was a great overall experience despite the misleading title. After a very quick drive over from my office, I was lucky enough to find street parking right outside. I was surprised as Gilchrist’s location is in a very crowded Mountain Brook shopping area. I arrived a little bit early but quickly found a seat and read over the limited menu.
A nice middle aged waitress in a bright neon Gulf Shores t-shirt was quick to serve me one of their signature limeades. Greg and Blake arrived shortly after that and the waitress took my order for a BLT with pimento cheese. This was a pretty great sandwich and I would recommend it if you like cheese and bacon. And since you’re all American readers, I know you already do. Gilchrist doesn’t offer any sides for their sandwiches besides potato chips, which I declined to order.
While we were waiting to pay at the register, I noticed that besides the bros in the BLC the entire Gilchrist Drug customer base was women and kids. There weren’t any other men eating at that time! Not one!  I suspect once school lets out, Gilchrist will be even more full of young entitled Mountain Brook kids. But I’ll definitely be back to join them in eating fast, cheap sandwiches. OVERALL 4.5 out of 5 bros.

BLAKE: Gilchrist Pharmacy is the first BLC stop that I have walked to from my office. I do that a lot, as it is in Mountain Brook Village, maybe a little more than a mile from my door. I’ve had Gilchrist’s chicken salad, which I find to be second only to Olexa’s [also in Mountain Brook Village] in Birmingham, and I have had their pimento cheese, which is the best I have ever had outside of perhaps The Turnip Patch [lifeofaturnip.com].

I wanted to get something new this time.I chose the Hot Beef on a Bun. I’ve always had my eye on that. Everything about it sounds amazing. So I got that and a bag of Dill Pickle flavored Golden Flake potato chips, like Coach Bryant would have ordered. Heck, he may have! The place has been there like a billion years!The Hot Beef on a Bun should probably be called “Beef on a Hot Bun.” The beef is just fine; a nice temperature. But the bun is really hot! Really! I think they put mayo and mustard on it. That’s it. And that’s great because it’s all I want. Ketchup is for poor people, and poor people don’t eat at Gilchrist. Well, they could, because it is very affordable. But poor people aren’t allowed in Mountain Brook Village.
I also got the cherry limeade, a staple of the old-timey soda fountain/pharmacy. And it is always delicious. I got out under $10, including a $1 tip [this is probably the toughest part of this place; the whole, “Do I tip?” thing]. And that limeade was, like, $2. And I got the equivalent of the most expensive menu item. We were out in 30 minutes. Gilchrist makes really delicious sandwiches in a nostalgic venue at a very affordable price and can easily get you in and out quickly. I can walk there, and when it’s nice out, I enjoy doing so. So I can promise I’ll be back a lot. OVERALL RATING 4 bros.