Taco Mama in Mountain Brook, AL is nestled into Crestline Village across the street from Mountain Brook City Hall. Taco Mama serves up traditional Tex-Mex fare including the ubiquitous tacos, nachos, burritos, quesadillas and taco salads. The Mountain Brook location is Taco Mama’s only location…so far. So what did the Bros have to say about this “Authentic Mexican Cantina“?

Taco Mama Mountain Brook AL

Joey’s Tacos

Joey: My continuing quest to eat every taco in Birmingham brought the Birmingham Lunch Club to Taco Mama in Mountain Brook. This upscale (it is in Mountain Brook!) “taco bar” offers many Americanized versions of your favorite Mexican dishes. I chose to eat the Muy Authentico “Cheezy Beef” tacos. If you visit, you’ll order at the counter and get assigned a number on a cool el rojo wooden triangle.
The tacos came out ¡Muy Rapido!, before Greg even had a chance to order. My plate came with 2 large beef tacos in big flour tortillas, cole slaw, chips and salsa. This large plate plus a drink set me back around $11. It’s a lot of food. Way too much for me at lunch. The tacos are less authentic than Chipolte, but they taste pretty great. I’ll be back. And hopefully get some margaritas. OVERALL RATING 4.5 BROS out of 5 BROS

Greg: Like Joey, I am a big fan of tacos and we have had some good experiences with them in the BLC. I hadn’t been to this part of Mountain Brook in a long time, but it was nice. Street parking was easy and there were lots of nice shops on my short walk to Taco Mama. Traffic made me a touch late so the other bros were already seated when I arrived. I went to the counter and ordered the taco combo with 4 tacos. I mixed it up and got some ground beef, chorizo, chicken and pork just to try everything. All kinds of different toppings and sauces. I wanted to try many different things. Here is the thing, it was all terrific. The food came out fast and with a water I totaled out at a shade under $11. The meat was perfectly seasoned and the ingredients were fresh.  I don’t know if there are different salsas on the menu, but the one I got was fantastic. Good flavor with just enough kick. One thing I regret is not getting the ferried chorizo beans. Next time tho. The restaurant had ample seating space and a few tables outside. As far as I’m concerned, this was an all-timer on the BLC list. Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 Bros

Taco Mama Mountain Brook Quesadilla

Blake’s Quesadilla

BlakeTaco Mama is another Muontain Brook spot I’m pretty familiar with, as it is one of about five inexpensive, quick dining options a stone’s throw from my office. Taco Mama is my favorite of all of the “assembly line, Tex-Mex, Southwesterny quick service” places. I like it more than Moe’s, and I love Moe’s. I like it more than Izzo, and I love Izzo. I’ve never been to Chipotle.
Here’s the thing about Taco Mama: chorizo. I think Izzo may have Chorizo, but that’s way over at the Summit and my reasons for going to the Summit these days are extremely limited. Another thing: sauces. They have a nice chipotle ranch (which Moe’s also has, in fairness). I think they have a pesto, though, and some other weird stuff. I wonder if Latino-Americans dip their quesadilla in chipotle ranch? Probably.
I like the quesadilla, which I topped with aforementioned chorizo, corn, black beans, cilantro and something else. Can’t remember. They brought like 12 dips out at no extra charge (guac, salsa and then, like, 10 other dips). The service was lightening fast, and it was $10 or so. Maybe less on account of I got water.
You can expect the same type of meal and the same type of service at Taco Mama that you can at its peers, like Moe’s. But I think the quality of the product is much better and it’s no more expensive. I like Taco Mama a whole lot. OVERALL RATING 4 bros out of 5 bros