Milo’s Hamburgers is a regional hamburger chain based in Birmingham, Alabama. There are 15 locations, with 14 being in the Birmingham metro area. Milo’s is known for their famous sauce and sweet tea as well exceptional health department ratings. As the jingle says, “everybody goes to Milo’s”.

Milo's Exterior

Joey- I used to work at a deli next door to a Milo’s when I was in high school. We consistently had customers come in that had tried Milo’s, hated it and wandered over to try something else. To find a person outside of Birmingham that likes Milo’s is a rare thing as it’s popularity seems to be among people raised in Birmingham. Luckily I was one of those people, so I was excited when Greg chose Milo’s for this week’s BLC location.

They weren’t kidding when they said “Everybody goes to Milo’s”! This Milo’s location, next door to UAB, had a line out the door when I arrived. The line remained long my entire time there. This was probably due to Mr. Milo deciding to only have one cashier and one expediter manning their stations. I ordered the same thing I always do – Cheeseburger combo, no onions, mega sized, Sweet tea – and waited. While waiting, I saw All-Pro linebacker Karlos Dansby enter the restaurant. Seriously, everyone does go to Milo’s! (While leaving, I saw someone had double parked Dansby’s Audi, making that driver the first person to block Dansby in Alabama in years!!!)

My food was good as always. I’m not as big of fan of Milo’s syrup based tea as most people, but I still drank close to a gallon of it. This trip was nothing spectacular though and the long line annoyed me.

Overall Rating- 3 Bros

Greg- If you live in Birmingham, there is a good chance you have been to Milo’s at least once. I find it to be a situation that you either love or you hate. The menu is small (but growing) and the sauce isn’t for everyone. However, it is one of my favorite places and was long overdue for a BLC stop. We visited the UAB location and were greeted to a line almost out the door. We were worked through the line very fast (about 5 minutes) and I ordered the usual: a Mega Meal Combo (double cheeseburger, large fry, drink, and pie). Since my last visit to Milo’s they added a bunch of sauces for their chicken tenders. I got a few of these for dipping. The one that knocked me out was the Boom Boom sauce, which was like a better version of Zaxby’s sauce. The burger is simple with the meat, bread, cheese, diced onions, and secret sauce. Mine was fantastic. The fries were hot and crispy and the apple pie was delicious. As with most Milo’s, somehow the health rating was 100 and the restaurant was very clean. Overall, nothing but the highest praise for this experience. Fast, great food and clean.

Overall Rating: 5 Bros

Milo's Line

Blake- When we arrived at the Milo’s on 5th and 19th, it was crowded. Really, really crowded. But a funny thing happened on the way to the secret sauce – that line moved very, very quickly. I never would have imagined that such a busy location, in the middle of UAB’s hospital, would be as efficient during the most peak lunch hour. But then, maybe that’s WHY they were so efficient and I should have had higher expectations.

Here was another special thing that happened on this trip to Milo’s: new sauces. We sampled the “Boom Boom Sauce,” which was sort of a wing sauce and a “Chick Sauce,” which was basically a play on Guthrie’s or Zax Sauce. Both were outstanding, though the “Boom Boom Sauce” was a home run.

Here was another thing that happened on this trip to Milo’s: All-Pro linebacker Karlos Dansby was there. Just eating a burger. Like some regular bro. I have a signed jersey framed by ol #11. So that was cool.

Everything about Milo’s is perfect anyway. And everything on this trip went perfect. A Mega Meal combo with a lemon pie and a sweet tea. I took that lemon pie back to the office for later. [Note: If you’ve not had Milo’s fried lemon pie, I highly recommend it.] I don’t know what to say: I rarely go to Milo’s, but every time I do, I promise myself I’ll go more often. It’s not been around three weeks (maybe four?) since this trip, and I’ve still not made good on my promise. Really need to treat myself more often.

Overall Rating- 5 bros

Composite BRO Rating- 4.33 Bros