Chosen by Blake, Gus’s Hot Dogs has been operating in the Crestline Village for many years. Located next to former BLC Stop, Taco Mama, this restaurant offers both breakfast and lunch menus. The specialty at Gus’s Hot Dogs are hot dogs. Please visit the new sports app, FanCred, for more in depth discussion on sports as well as hotdogs.


gus-s-orginal-hot-dogBlake: Gus’s is another one of those spots sort of situated in my hood, or at least, my work hood, that I’ve been to quite a bit because of convenience. I think there are probably better hot dogs in Birmingham, like Pop’s (which, frankly, I’ve been concerned recently about if its open or not as I am barely down there anymore and each time I am it’s closed) and it’s neighboring Five Points Hot Dogs.

Gus’s has secret sauce, which is apparently not much of a secret, because it’s basically the same secret sauce every other hot dog place uses. I really need to expand my ordering options, because I always go in and just get whatever the special is – usually two dogs, a fry and a soda for around $7. That’s a steal. And it’s typically very fast. The fries are really great, but they serve them in bucket loads like popular hamburger chain Five Guys Burgers & Fries. A thing I learned this go around that I observed from some cool kids at another table – apparently they serve breakfast sandwiches all day. So that’s cool.

I like Gus’s a lot because I like hot dogs a lot; I may like hot dogs the way Joey likes tacos. It’s very convenient. The price is right. You can normally get in and out of there in 30 minutes or so. I wish they had brought the ranch I asked for for fry dippin,’ but I don’t think the restaurant industry has caught up to that trend. On a relatively unrelated tangent, they should, because I think most people (especially Southern folk) like dippin’ stuff in ranch. Anyhow. Gus’s makes good hot dogs. I recommend eating there if you are in Mountain Brook and want a hot dog.  Overall Rating: 3.5 bros


Joey: When Blake picked Gus’s Hot Dogs in Mountain Brook, I was excited to try a hot dog place located in one of the richest places in America. I was expecting fancy stone ground mustard spread on a Kobe beef sausage served on a gluten free wheat bun. I got something decidedly different. I got the same basic hot dog that is served all over Birmingham. Gus’s serves their dogs with that weird mustardy sauce that is popular here. I don’t know if that sauce is a nationwide thing or not. Usually when I travel out of state, I don’t eat hot dogs.

I ordered the Hot Dog Combo which came with 2 dogs, a very large order of fries and a drink. This was a pretty good deal for a lunch combo and a very good deal for a lunch combo in Mountain Brook. Unfortunately the dogs weren’t that great. I think I’ve gotten the same hot dog at Legion Field. The fries, though I did get a TON of them, were not served very warm. I think if they came out hot, I would have added one bro to this review. Gus’s appeared to have a large, dedicated, older clientele, but I won’t be joining it anytime soon. Overall Rating: 2 Bros


Greg: Birmingham has lots of hotdog restaurants. I don’t really know why, but there are quite a few. Most have some kind of special sauce that they on the dogs. For the most part, the actual hot dogs taste the same, the variance comes in the toppings. I was excited that Blake picked Gus’s hot dogs because I enjoy eating in that area of town and the atmosphere. The inside of the store was a little small but appeared to be remodeled in the last few years. We ordered our food. I got the 2 dog special (1 chili dog, 1 Gus Dog, fries and drink). The food came fairly quickly as there weren’t too many other customers around. I will now start with the bad. The fries tasted like they had been reheated in the fry oil a few times and developed that weird crispy aftertaste. Not hot, just crispy. If you have worked in a fast food restaurant, you are probably familiar with that trick. There were a lot of fries tho! Possibly,maybe because they were trying to give us the batch that had been sitting there for a while. The dogs were pretty good, nothing exceptional. The chili didn’t have much flavor, but it wasn’t terrible. All in all, the lunch was filling. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the price wasn’t bad at all (less than $8 out the door). However, there are many other hot dog places I would recommend in Birmingham before going to Gus’s Hot Dogs. Overall Rating: 2.5 Bros


Composite Bro Rating: 2.67 Bros